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30 Years of Excellence in Powder Coating

We have made a name of across Calgary for providing long-lasting and uniform coatings.


Experienced Powder Coaters Serving Calgary

Count on Calgary Powder Coatings Inc. for all your decorative and protective finish needs! Our team is dedicated to following the highest standards of durability and consistency to meet our clients’ specific architectural, structural steel, and oil and gas industry needs.

We know that you have products and materials in the construction, marine, and oil fields industries that need to be powder coated on a regular basis. That is why at Calgary Powder Coatings Inc., we provide high-quality, professional powder coating services in Calgary. As one of the oldest powder coaters, we understand how important it is for you to have strong, scratch-resistant, yet attractive materials that you can for various operations.

At Calgary Powder Coatings Inc., we have made a name for ourselves throughout the region by providing long-lasting, uniform coatings. Over the years, we have even developed our own coating processes for specific industries. Our Calgary coating facility has a 10,000 lb. capacity and can accommodate large structural components easily.


We Serve Multiple Industries

We will ensure to deliver within your projected schedule. We offer powder coating services for the following industries:




Oil field

All our work is customer centric and completed in a short turn around. Our perfect blend of knowledge and the use of latest technology, allows us to run larger projects than most people.


We Stock the Ideal Colour for Every Job

Our powder coating process can make your coating project successful. Our facility is much larger to handle various structures, large and small projects. We have over 300 colours to choose from for your convenience which you can see here .

We use only the top brands in the industry, to insure top quality products. If you have a product or material that needs powder coating, call one of our powder coating specialists to take a look and provide you with detailed information.


Our Coating Process

Our facility has a capacity of 10,000 lb. and can accommodate large structural components.

Consistent Quality

We deliver a high standard of powder coating.

Using the Latest Technology

From glass to steel to aluminum, we can coat them all.

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