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Leaders in Prompt, Affordable Powder Coating Services in Calgary

Our powder coating services in Calgary are the most preferred. Our team has a combined experience of over 50 years and has adapted to a simple yet full-proof process to ensure your powder coating requirement is met to the fullest. Make us your first choice!

300 stocking colours

Protective, functional, or decorative coating

Chemical and heat stripping

In-house stripping for different applications

10,0000 lb capacity

Media blasting including: Glass, steel grit, and aluminum oxide

Up to 40 feet long

The Industry’s Choice in Powder Coating

With many years of experience in powder coating, Calgary Powder Coatings Inc. can work on projects of all sizes. We can powder coat:

Mechanical equipment

Utility poles

Machinery products

Mechanical parts



Patio furniture

Cars or motorcycle parts


Auto parts

Auto frames

Store fixtures

Playground equipment

Cast iron

Custom metal pieces


For further information, feel free to contact us today. We serve across all industries such as construction, restoration specialists and builders. We can also take on personal projects and custom applications.


Your Go-to Powder Coaters

We apply decorative, functional and protective finishes to a wide range of products and materials.

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